OneNet Response to COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

With the heightened concern about the spread of COVID-19, OneNet wants to reassure our customers that we are prepared to maintain connectivity, provide ongoing customer support and continue to serve our customers. The State Regents and OneNet have a disaster recovery plan in place that provides for remote work procedures and remote solutions to maintain ongoing operations in the case of a pandemic.

In addition to maintaining connectivity for the OneNet network, our team is working with last-mile providers to coordinate continuity plans and ensure their services remain available for all connected customers.

As our customers’ services move online and through remote connections, OneNet is prepared to provide increased bandwidth to support the delivery of remote services. Please let us know if you need increased bandwidth at this time.

Many customers are utilizing Zoom videoconferencing services for telework and online learning. OneNet has a discounted purchasing program to assist OneNet customers with Zoom. More information is available at

OneNet’s 24/7 customer support will continue to be available through the same contact information you would usually use. You can reach OneNet customer support locally at 405-225-9444, toll-free at 888-566-3638 or at

Lastly, the team at OneNet hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe. Working together, we can continue to serve our communities through this challenging situation.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and provide any necessary updates. For any additional questions, please contact us using the information above.

Vonley Royal, Executive Director and the OneNet Leadership Team

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