OneNet’s Accounts Payable Assistant

Photo of Laura

If there was one word to describe Laura Smith, it would be content. As OneNet’s accounts payable assistant for the last fourteen years, Smith has enjoyed every moment of it and wouldn’t wish for anything else.

Smith’s job involves verifying all OneNet invoices and preparing them to be paid. Before she joined OneNet, she went to clerical school where she learned organizational and accounting skills—skillsets that she still uses every day. Fourteen years later she still enjoys every part of her job.

Like just about everyone else at OneNet, Smith says her favorite part about her job is the people she works with and serves. When Smith had health problems a few years ago, her coworkers were accommodating and kind.

“Everybody was so helpful. I had to be out for a while, and everyone was willing to work with and assist me. Brandi gave me rides to work for almost a year.”

In her spare time, Smith spends a significant amount of time tending to all sorts of plants.

Laura Photo

Laura enjoys time with her coworkers.

“I really like to work in my yard, except for mowing!” she said.

She can’t remember a time where she hasn’t gardened, but has grown in her abilities and love for it since her children have grown up. She mostly plants perennials throughout her front and backyard. Smith thinks her love for flowers might be genetic, too.

“I think I got my love for gardening from my mother, because she has a huge green thumb. In her whole yard she barely has any grass, just plants.”

Smith recently started living with her mother to help her around the house and is trying to keep her mother’s yard just as beautiful as it has been in the past, but judging from Smith’s past experience, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Whether in her job or in her garden, Smith’s level of contentment with life is enviable. She’s been with OneNet for fourteen years, and plans on going another fourteen if she can.

“I see myself being at OneNet for as long as I can,” she said.

She’s just another example of why everyone loves working for OneNet.

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