OneNet’s Firewall Service Offers Time-Saving Protection for K-12 Schools

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Case Study by Ellyce Hill, Strategic Communications Intern, Summer 2023

The term “firewall” has a very transparent origin. It once described a wall built to confine a fire or potential fire to keep it from spreading. Today, we use firewalls to describe a network security system that provides a barrier between trusted and untrusted networks.

In schools, firewalls can prevent students from being exposed to inappropriate content, downloading malware, and sharing inappropriate peer-to-peer files. Firewalls help protect students by creating a safe environment for them to learn and grow.

OneNet was tasked with providing firewall services to Spiro and Kinta Public Schools. These are smaller school systems where the highest student population is a little over 1,000 students for K-12.

Monitoring cybersecurity threats can be a challenge for schools that don’t have an onsite IT specialist.

OneNet’s managed firewall service helps these schools improve their cybersecurity posture while offering time-saving support.


  • Deploy firewall services to protect students from cybersecurity threats
  • Provide support and an easy way to manage and maintain firewalls to reduce the workload on local IT support staff
  • Ensure the firewall meets the Child Protection Act’s (CIPA) standards for K-12 schools
  • Offer network visibility and data access so schools can easily monitor and filter student content

OneNet’s Solution 

OneNet’s advanced firewall solution significantly enhances our subscribers’ protection against various cyberthreats while also increasing threat visibility in the network. Schools subscribed to OneNet’s firewall services have access to expert security professionals 24/7.

  • Organize and install next-generation firewall services
  • Reduce project costs by providing cost-effective development and installation
  • Install security devices that make network traffic visible and available for improved performance and security
  • Provide ongoing assistance for firewall services to both schools


  • OneNet’s firewall services improve network security and performance for the schools while reducing cost and regular maintenance from staff.
  • OneNet’s managed firewall service monitors traffic, ensuring students, faculty and staff can safely use the internet without delays or disruption.
  • OneNet’s service mitigates cyberattacks by enhancing the security of the schools’ network infrastructure.
  • OneNet’s solution reduces ongoing management for local schools’ IT support staff

“The support is the biggest reason for choosing OneNet.” – Dylan Loggains, K-12 IT Support

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