Web and Email Hosting Changes

Beginning July 1, 2015, OneNet will introduce new pricing for web and email hosting.

Due to USAC’s new eligible service list, web and email hosting are no longer eligible services for E-Rate funding. Because of this change, OneNet can no longer offer web and email hosting as part of our standard Internet package. While E-Rate only funds schools and libraries, we must make this change for all customer groups.

We have developed the new pricing based on our costs to provide the services in order to keep the prices as low as possible.

Web hosting will be $50 annually for customers with an Internet circuit and $100 annually for customers without an Internet circuit.

Email hosting will be $250 annually for customers with an Internet circuit and $300 annually for those without an Internet circuit. For customers with less than 25 email accounts, OneNet is offering individual pricing. Please call us for more information.

For schools who need a no-cost option for email, we suggest researching Google Apps for Education. This is a free email service provided by Google. You can find service descriptions and benefits at https://www.google.com/work/apps/education/. If your school chooses to move your email to Google, our engineering team will assist you with the migration to Google at no cost.

Microsoft also has a free email and online office option for education. You can find information at https://products.office.com/en-us/academic/compare-office-365-education-plans.

If you have questions about these changes or need assistance with web or email hosting, we’re always happy to provide support. Please call us at 405-225-9444 or 888-566-3638.

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