OneNet Helps OETA Upgrade Technology While Creating Cost Savings

For the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), facilitating meaningful educational experiences through free public broadcasting is first priority. With more than 1.8 million viewers weekly, OETA impacts almost every Oklahoma household and consistently ranks in the top five public television networks nationally.  To enable these high quality broadcasts, OneNet recently upgraded OETA’s network through a statewide fiber system. This upgrade improves broadcast quality while cutting significant costs. Interim Executive Director Mark Norman is passionate about providing this service to all 77 counties.

“We hear from parents all the time about how much they appreciate our programming,” Norman said. “Dependability and quality of service are essential for us.”

Norman believes OETA allows all Oklahomans to engage in significant cultural events that happen in Oklahoma. While most work is put into generating content to share with the state, the sharing method is just as vital.

For years, OETA leased national satellite time to disseminate their signal to Oklahoma. While the satellite was a simple solution, it was extraordinarily expensive and quality was dependent upon many factors.

The satellite company recently required that all broadcasting agencies make changes that resulted in lower quality levels than OETA broadcasts. That change, along with the high costs, caused OETA leaders to consider other options.

OETA contacted OneNet, and together they developed a plan to switch OETA’s service to a statewide fiber network. This would maintain OETA’s level of service at a fraction of the cost.

As the digital communications initiative of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, OneNet was eager to develop a solution for OETA because of the educational value the organization holds.

“OETA’s commitment to using technology to provide quality educational programming to all areas of Oklahoma makes them an invaluable asset to our state,” said Dr. Glen D. Johnson, higher education chancellor and OETA board member. “Technological partnerships of this nature serve to make educational opportunities more readily available to all citizens. The State Regents continually seek opportunities to create efficiencies and generate cost-savings for those we serve. This collaboration exemplifies that commitment.”

This new partnership generates substantial cost savings and extends OETA’s mission of enriching Oklahomans’ lives. With the upgraded network, OETA looks forward to the benefits of this partnership in the future.

OETA is constantly challenged by the evolution of technology, and when innovation is tied to game-changing solutions, collaborations result in beneficial results for all involved. This partnership leverages resources between two state agencies that were challenged to come up with an innovative cost-saving system that serves all Oklahomans. The OneNet team working with OETA engineers and third-party providers made this project possible, allowing OETA to determine how to extend its signal and service around the state.

Those savings allow OETA to focus on other aspects of the organization to best serve Oklahoma. Norman believes the innovative, streamlined system will allow OETA to continue focusing on delivering the greatest content.

“What we’re doing is pretty unique,” he said. “Our partnership with OneNet provides the engineering expertise, technical support and economic flexibility required for OETA to serve all Oklahomans effectively.”

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