Staff Spotlights

OneNet’s Network Technician

Chris Simon

Not everyone considers weird yard art a part of their everyday routine, but Chris Simon is no ordinary OneNet employee. As a network technician for OneNet, Chris drives across Oklahoma to install new circuits and to diagnose or correct issues with current circuits.

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OneNet’s Systems Engineer

Paul Tibbitts

Ed Roberts invented the personal computer in 1975. Four years later, OneNet systems engineer Paul Tibbitts started his career in IT. Despite working in one of the most volatile and progressive industries, Paul’s professional career has always been steady.

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OneNet’s Optical Specialist

Bruce Gordon

If you ask most people what an optical specialist is, they would probably stare back at you blankly. That’s why OneNet’s Optical Specialist Bruce Gordon tells people he “works on the Internet.”

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OneNet’s Network Engineer

Sky Pettett with his feet propped on his desk

Keep the spice flowing, keep the people happy. That’s Sky Pettett’s unofficial job description. Officially, Sky is a network support engineer—it’s his duty to keep the broadband plentiful and connection steady.

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OneNet’s Accounts Payable Specialist

Aleta Berry

With her calm nature, you might never guess she is OneNet’s resident karate master, but Aleta Berry is the closest thing OneNet has to Mr. Miyagi. As one of OneNet’s accounts payable specialists, Aleta is responsible for reviewing and approving all vendor invoices.

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OneNet’s Fixed Assets Coordinator

Lee Diamond

A decade ago when someone tried to sell their dentures to him, pawnshop manager Lee Diamond never imagined where he would be today. In fancy speak, Lee is now OneNet’s fixed assets coordinator. Put simply, he makes sure OneNet has all of its shiny toys.

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