OneNet’s Network Technician Robert

Robert Prince headshot

The OneNet team is comprised of an eclectic group of staff with unique stories and interests. As a network technician, Robert Prince contributes to OneNet’s diverse image, too. He was once in a 1970’s G.I. Joe commercial and had an amateur career as a disc golf player. His path towards a career in network communications is unique, but his dedication to his job and passion for OneNet customers is unrivaled.

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OneNet’s Network Support Engineer

It’s the laugh heard around the entire office. Knowing Arturo Berrios, OneNet’s network support engineer, means that at one point you’ve heard his infectious laugh across the building, and it’s immediately made your day a little better.

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OneNet’s Network Technician Chris

Chris Simon

Not everyone considers weird yard art a part of their everyday routine, but Chris Simon is no ordinary OneNet employee. As a network technician for OneNet, Chris drives across Oklahoma to install new circuits and to diagnose or correct issues with current circuits.

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OneNet’s Optical Specialist

Bruce Gordon

If you ask most people what an optical specialist is, they would probably stare back at you blankly. That’s why OneNet’s Optical Specialist Bruce Gordon tells people he “works on the Internet.”

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OneNet’s Fixed Assets Coordinator

Lee Diamond

A decade ago when someone tried to sell their dentures to him, pawnshop manager Lee Diamond never imagined where he would be today. In fancy speak, Lee is now OneNet’s fixed assets coordinator. Put simply, he makes sure OneNet has all of its shiny toys.

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